On March 4, 2019, the FIRST day of Dental Assistant Recognition Week:

  • The Commerce Committee voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of Bill S748, which would add a dental assistant to NJ 's State Board of Dentistry.
  • The Bill was then moved on to the Senate floor where it passed.


  • On March 25, the Bill was introduced by sponsor Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin. *, which gave the Bill a new number, now A5230
  • The Bill was then referred to Assembly Regulated Professions Committee

Our next step is to contact our Legislators on the Assembly Regulated Professions Committee asking them for their support in moving the Bill A5230 forward.
Click on Committee members names to go to their page, use the "Contact Legislator" link to write an email asking them to support this Bill.

Regulated Professions
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Let's keep pushing!
~Kim McMahon
Legislative Chair