Untitled Document As President of the New Jersey Dental Assistants Association (NJDAA), I am writing you to
request your support of Bill A5230 which would add a dental assistant to the New Jersey State
Board of Dentistry. This Board regulates the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) credential yet
RDAs have no representation. Decisions are made by the NJSBOD not with the input of an
actual Registered Dental Assistant, but from other dental professionals whose scope of practice is
not the same. This bill is a simple one – to appoint one dental assistant to the board, as the
current composition is 6 dentists, 1 hygienist and 2 public individuals. There is representation
from all aspects of dentistry except for our profession. When decisions are made without the
understanding of the full scope of practice, public safety can easily be jeopardized. Additionally,
to add an assistant to the board could only enhance the dynamics of the board.